I’m 25 and live in Montreal where I’ve been working for Gameloft as a junior animator since 2016. I never won any awards for my cutting-edge animations or represented any project at GDC (altough it looks like fun), but being inspired by those who did makes me believe that everyone can share his own experience and help other people grow!


Thanks to our animation director who gathered animators at the studio, I realized the importance of being part of a team and share with them my work. So I can improve myself, and help them improve theirselves.

Sharing experiences is the reason I created this website, that will hopefully help your in your daily work and beyond that in your life. I truly believe the things you’ll achieve in your work are small steps that will help you reach higher steps in your personal life : you’ll feel stronger, more confident and happy.

And what’s more important than being happy? :)




Remember : animation is your/one of your way(s) to express yourself...so make it count!