I’m 25 and I’ve been animating for 3 years, mainly on games and a little bit on TV shows.

I never won any awards for my cutting-edge animations or represented any project at GDC, but being inspired by those who did makes me believe that everyone can share his own experience and help other people grow.


Sharing experiences is the reason I created OnionSkin. I believe those will help you in your daily work and beyond that in your life. Wether you're a student, a junior or a highly experienced animator, I truly believe the things you’ll achieve in your craft are small steps that will help you reach higher steps in your personal life : you’ll feel stronger, more confident and happy. Those two worlds are connected.

Beyond that, OnionSkin will also focus on giving a voice to students and juniors animators out there. If there is a lot of inspiration to be taken from highly experienced artists, I think helping less experienced animators to express themselves will provide a meaningful and motivational help to the young artists out there : someone they can identify to.




Remember : animation is your/one of your way(s) to express yourself...so make it count!