Articles · 29. September 2018
Santa Monica Studio's Director of Photography Dori Arazi breaks down three pivotal scenes that shaped God of War masterful cinematic style
Articles · 26. September 2018
Insomniac Games' Elliot Grossman shares in this GDC 2015 talk how the team created a responsive and appealing locomotion system for Sunset Overdrive, from the early debuts of the project to its final form

Articles · 26. September 2018
Meet THE ANIMATES, a new animation community created by Elyse Gymer where you can learn, share and grow as an animator
Articles · 19. September 2018
Animator Brendan Body shares his tips and observations of bird flight

Articles · 19. September 2018
A breakdown of how are made the moving cards of Gwent : The Witcher Card Game, by Katarzyna Redesiuk, Art Director at CD Projekt Red
Articles · 29. August 2018
New Frame Plus dives into the animation of Smash Bros, focusing on the challenge of transposing a character from its original univers to different one

Articles · 22. July 2018
A promotional behind-the-scenes video showing some motion capture workflow for Detroit : Become Human
Articles · 18. July 2018
Dan Root studies the animation of Wonderboy : The Dragon's Trap

Articles · 17. July 2018
Enhanced your grey playblast thanks to Alex Mateo ligthing skills
Articles · 14. July 2018
Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2 features a good and fun variety of animations. As parkour is a central part of the game, I wanted to share quickly with you some of them

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