Articles · 19. April 2018
Go check out Blizzard's David Gibson's online animation classes. And it's free!
Articles · 16. April 2018
Avalanche Studio's Brian Venisky shares the animation pipeline of Just Cause 3 and discusses the difficulties the studio had with integrating a new workflow

Articles · 09. April 2018
Polyarc's Animation Director Richard Lico shares how he took advantage of VR to create a emotional bond between Quill and the player
Articles · 04. April 2018
President and CEO of Polygon Pictures Shuzo John Shiota shares how he uses his experience from the japanese steel industry to innovate in animation production

Articles · 04. April 2018
The GDC Animation Bootcamp is back this year with very shorts talks about overcoming failure
Articles · 29. March 2018
Mocap stuntman Eric Jacobus learned to fight like Kratos and explains how he created his mouvement set

Articles · 28. March 2018
Watch every 2018 Animation Exchange talks!
Articles · 27. March 2018
Jalil Sadool discusses the little details we tend to forget when it comes to create the "believable performance" of a character

Articles · 23. March 2018
As Artificial intelligence is taking a bigger and bigger part in our lives, discover how Ubisoft Montreal created their crow Ai in Watch Dogs 2
Articles · 23. March 2018
Learn 12 animations tips from industry experts

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